Blenheim Ginger Ale

Blenheim's philosophy is to preserve the rich heritage and family tradition of making old-fashion ginger ale that has captured the heart of the Carolina's and the many visitors to the State since the 1800's.  Good Ole' Blenheim is made with real Jamaican Ginger and will be around for all to enjoy for a very long time.

Blenheim Ginger comes in three varieties: Mild, Hot and Diet. It is bottled ONLY in 12 ounce glass bottles, never in cans or plastic, assuring that it never tastes "tinny" or "off". All Blenheim products are available by single bottle, packaged in cartons of 6 bottles and cases of 24 bottles. You can know for sure that today's Blenheim is just as fresh, clean and pure as it was over 100 years ago.



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